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This is an archived blog post that was posted on July 13, 2011.

Trove of free me shows at Internet Archive

I recently got re-acquainted with Jarod Watson at a Kirby Krackle show this past spring. Jarod used to show up with taper equipment at my shows (and others like Everyday Jones and Flowmotion) and record full sets for the Internet Archive. A few days ago he posted an IA link to a show I did at the Borders in Redmond in 2005. Wow. Listening to these sets is pretty surreal.

Jarod's actually posted four different shows, all from 2005. Lots of FLAC and Ogg formats, coffee grinders and evidence of my brief foray into live looping.

I haven't listened to everything here, but my favorite so far? This:

Scott Andrew, "Secret World" (live, Peter Gabriel cover)