Scott Andrew


This is an archived blog post that was posted on July 19, 2011.

Introducing: Kin to Stars

It's no longer a secret. Say hello to my newest project, Kin to Stars:

(Watch the video at YouTube. Looks best in HD.)

...a.k.a. a collaborative songwriting effort by Jerin Falkner and myself.

We don't even have a proper website or mailing list yet, but we do have a Facebook page which we hope you will check out. We also have one other thing: a live show! We'll be performing live without a net, test-driving our co-written musical wares for a lucky audience at 9pm on August 6th at Egan's Ballard Jamhouse here in Seattle. Here's the Facebook event.

If you're thinking about checking out the show, we recommend calling or emailing the venue for reservations. Admission is $5. Seating at Egan's is limited and this show is highly likely to sell out.

More good stuff -- including, we hope, a record! -- to follow as the year rolls on.