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This is an archived blog post that was posted on March 21, 2013.

Thursday reading: Second Act edition

The Ivory Sofa: Is There Life After Fifty for a Songwriter?. The answer is yes. In fact, you're largely better off once you're out of your 30s.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: 11 Lifetimes. "Because HOVERBIKE!"

Doc Searls on Steve Jobs. Searls' amazing predictions on the fate of Apple upon Steve Jobs' return as CEO in 1997.

The simple fact is that Apple always was Steve's company, even when he wasn't there. The force that allowed Apple to survive more than a decade of bad leadership, cluelessness and constant mistakes was the legacy of Steve's original Art. That legacy was not just an OS that was 10 years ahead of the rest of the world, but a Cause that induced a righteousness of purpose centered around a will to innovate -- to perpetuate the original artistic achievements.

Find The Thing You're Most Passionate About, Then Do It On Nights And Weekends For The Rest Of Your Life. Soul-crushing Onion satire that inspired today's Reading.