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This is an archived blog post that was posted on May 4, 2012.

Weekend reading: random edition

Make Your Parents Proud | You Offend Me You Offend My Family. Nerdcore rapper and Kirby Krackle cohort Adam Warrock on taking the leap:

“What do your parents think?!”

It’s been about two years since I quit my job as a lawyer to be an indie rapper, and I still get that question more than any other.

Seth's Blog: Don't expect applause.

If your work is filled with the hope and longing for applause, it's no longer your work--the dependence on approval has corrupted it, turned it into a process where you are striving for ever more approval.

Amanda Palmer, Kickstarter, and Everything – Whatever. SF writer John Scalzi, who I tiptoed past at ECCC once because I was too chicken to say hello, has a great analysis of Amanda Palmer's Kickstarter campaign.

Does "Mastered for iTunes" matter to music?. Short answer: OF COURSE IT DOES. I'd wager more people own earbuds than home stereo equipment. Interesting tidbit about how Rick Rubin influenced the sound quality of iTunes files.

Spam-erican Apparel « DIS Magazine. A look at the dark, weird side of print-on-demand. I've used Zazzle lots of times for short-run shirts and mugs and the quality is better than most. That said, yeah, there's no real cost to creating anything on Zazzle so people are free to create a zillion shirts in the hope they'll appeal to a few customers.