Scott Andrew


This is an archived blog post that was posted on August 14, 2011.

Weekend reading

Still Alive Undead: My Life as a Slayer Discography, by Kelly O. "This first night, I get too close and I'm immediately rewarded with an elbow to the face. The experience doesn't stop me from seeing Slayer 19 more times, though, 'cause like Mom always said: Nobody ever died from a bloody nose."

Kicking and Streaming: Why Indies Tolerate Spotify’s Minuscule Royalties - Washington City Paper. Count me among those who aren't worried about the low payouts from Spotify-style streaming.

Klosterman Remembers Warrant's Jani Lane - Hollywood Prospectus Blog. "[Lane] supposedly wrote 'Cherry Pie' in less than 15 minutes, made several million dollars, and regretted it for 15 years."