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This is an archived blog post that was posted on March 27, 2010.

Weekend reading

Some music-related links and other stuff that caught my eye this week:

What do you do (production-wise) to your acoustic guitar tracks to make them sound oh so good? | MeFi Music. Good stuff.

The hell of being prolific: Are musicians making too much music? | Music | The Big Questions | The A.V. Club. Isn't complaining about too much music a bit like complaining about too much steak?

YouTube - iamamiwhoami's Channel. I too am fascinated by these crazyweird videos.

Peter Malick | My Production Manifesto, Part 2" "Your access to music will never be controlled by big record labels again."

A Bison Is Not A Buffalo on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.

The Rush Experiment: Conclusions. Amusing, but this was doomed from the start. The real way to become a die-hard Rush fan is to be 15 years old in 1986, be taking guitar lessons, and have your older brother's friend give you a dubbed cassette copy of 2112.