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Scott Andrew (solo work, 2003-2010)
Acoustic pop and folk rock stuff. Bandcamp · iTunes · Amazon. See also the Demo Club.

Explone (bassist/backing vox, 2008-2016)
Cheap Trick + Hüsker Dü + Swervedriver = EXPLONE. iTunes · Amazon.

Kirby Krackle (bassist/backing vox, 2009-2018)
High-precision nerd rock about comic books, video games and superhero girlfriends. Bandcamp · iTunes · Amazon.

Kin to Stars (2011-2015)
Folk pop songwriting duo with Jerin Falkner, for fans of The Swell Season and The Weepies. Bandcamp.

OneKilotonSun (2018-)
Mostly-instrumental loops-and-guitar art rock project for fans of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, et al.

Car Trouble (2014-)
Loud guitar rock project in the vein of Hüsker Dü and The Posies.

Pet Rock Stars (2003)
24-hour songwriting session for charity with Shannon Campbell for the 2003 Blogathon. Listen!. Homepage. See also Dreaming of Violets.

The Walkingbirds (1995-1998)
Acoustic duo project with Laurie Hallal of the legendary Cleveland band, the Waynes. One cassette-only release circa 1997. Listen!

Reality Twitch (1992-1995)
(Audio coming soon) 90s alterna-rock trio from my OH college days, fusing the Police with Soundgarden. Formerly known as Anagram.