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This is an archived blog post that was posted on December 20, 2012.

Free download: new Kin to Stars holiday song, Already Christmas

Kin to Stars "Already Christmas"

"Already Christmas" is an ode to the ones who remind us that the consumption-oriented winter holidays approacheth, even as we dust off our plastic skeletons and fake styrofoam grave markers. And it's based on a true story: I used to work at a JC Penney in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, dressing mannequins and putting up seasonal decorations, and one day I got an earful from an exasperated shopper who apparently couldn't accept that wreaths should start going up in October.

See? Be careful what you say and do -- you just might wind up in someone's novelty song twelve years later. And yeah, I DID use the Jingle-Matic on this recording. Anyway, it's a free download, so grab it from Bandcamp here.