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This is an archived blog post that was posted on May 11, 2012.

Weekend reading: 'everything you know is wrong' edition

The Outfield - California Sun - Replay 2011 - YouTube. The return of one of my favorite bands from my youth, sounding exactly the same.

Adam Yauch and Paul’s Boutique: How dumb court decisions have made it nearly impossible for artists to sample the way the Beastie Boys did - Slate Magazine.

Results from our Audio Poll: Neil Young and High-Definition Sound. Nearly half of the people surveyed for this article could not tell the difference between an uncompressed WAV file and a compressed iTunes AAC file.

Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » You’ve Got To Be There For The Accident. Participation is mandatory. The next time some musician is bitching at you about how the internet and piracy is destroying everything, check their website (if they have one) and see how many gigs they're playing, the date of their last release, the number of fans in their fanclub.

HBO Has Only Itself To Blame For Record 'Game Of Thrones' Piracy - Forbes. And this more or less outlines why I'm agreement with The Oatmeal (NSFW) and not Andy Ihnatko. It's bad enough when a popular show like GoT isn't available, but we don't just watch anymore. We tweet, we blog, we share, we make funny Team Lanister! t-shirts and head-on-a-stake cake pops and we can't participate because there's only one way to legally experience the show. Scarcity ain't like it used to be.