I’m moving, but I’m not moving this blog

My webhost of over 15 years is switching to some WYSIWYG service and discontinuing “developer” accounts like the one I have.

That means no more WordPress hosting, boo.

On the other hand: no more WordPress hosting, yay!

So I have to move this site before February. And to be honest, I’m seriously considering just chucking 20-plus years of blogging into the trash, just to avoid having to touch blogging software ever again.

I exported all of my Neat Hobby! content as a single XML document, then went looking for a script that would convert this document into individual Markdown files. There are a lot of them, but none of them do what I need — which is convert everything in the document to Markdown files! I’d pull down a script, run it, then check the output. Wait, where are the image thumbnails? Where are the custom fields? They’re missing because the script creator skipped them, because it’s actually a conversion script for their specific instance of WordPress so they only exported the fields they cared most about.

(And then they name it “WordPress to Markdown converter,” which it isn’t, because it doesn’t, but let’s be forgiving here, because this stuff is hard, and it’s just a blog.)

So of course, the solution is to write my own converter. Easy.

Just pull down xml2js and go wild, right?

Hm, maybe it should be configurable somehow? Is there a library for easy parsing of arguments passed to Node?

Here, I’ll start a package.json over here so I can treat this as a real project.

Fiat lux, $ npm init

Probably should fill in all the project details and choose the MIT license in case I decide to open-sour–


The good news is I’m getting better at recognizing those dog-with-a-bone moments and apply the brakes before I lose hours to needless yak-shaving. The less good news is: this blog will probably go in the trash after all.

November 29, 2019