The next thing

I don’t know what it is. But here’s what’s happening:

Neat Hobby! is currently on extended hiatus while I illustrate a 20+ page one-shot horror comic I wrote a few years back. It’s been slow going, but the art has improved with every panel and I’ll probably have to go back and redraw some earlier panels (I started this up in March) just so the art is consistent.

This project is my current obsession and I’m using it to improve my drawing skills overall. I’ll probably return to Neat Hobby! sometime after summer as I still love it but I’ve found that it’s really hard to keep a gag comic running, even just weekly.

I’m also still dabbling with music! I’ve been working on a proper Car Trouble full-length release with Don Gunn, who’s engineered nearly all of the Kirby Krackle records. It’s currently stalled (heh) because I’m kind of in a stuck place with lyrics. In the meantime I’ve been noodling around on silly things like this:

…which is fun! But also kind of vanishes into the cyber-ether.

There are a zillion things I want to be doing. I’d like to return to learning VR/AR stuff and maybe even do some legit VFX work. I’d like to illustrate someone else’s comic. I’ve got the itch to do video again. I’ve been playing around with the Canvas API which I’d like to apply to motion comics for the web.

All of which is to say: I have a lot of ideas and things I want to try, finite time, limited energy, and — and this is really the missing piece, if I’m being 100% honest — no plan.

So, I don’t know what the next thing is. ???????????

June 30, 2019