Jason Bieler, formerly of the band Saigon Kick, regales us with stories of his waxing and waning fortunes in the 90s music industry. So great.

wrap up the clearly stellar presentation and Andy says a few very kind things about the music and the ideas and then finishes with…this is awesome and we would love to have you on board, unfortunately WEA just shut down new label acquisitions for remainder of the year and we have no clear indication when we will be able to do this, or if we will at all in the future.

What…who…I don’t…spinning, vomit rising…do not pass out. I think I muttered a few things like a guy who was punched so hard his brain had not yet told him he had been knocked the fuck out…so he stumbles around for a few secs before he hits the floor. Great, thanks, brilliant no no this is perfect thanks again, I shake a few hands and leave.

I remember pulling on the handles of the large glass exit door the wrong way and it making a cacophonous horrible sound that alerted everyone in the office DEAD MAN WALKING.

November 8, 2017