Back from Australia, on to Disney

Kirby Krackle is back from two weeks in Australia performing at the Supanova Expo. Sometimes it’s hard to explain what it’s like to be in this band, because telling stories about it sounds a lot like describing dreams to annoyed friends. “So I’m in Australia, and Thor is there, and that one guy from The Walking Dead show is there, and the guy that drew Green Lantern in the 80s is there, and we’re having our pictures taken with a wombat…” etc. See what I mean? The weird mix of TV celebs, voice actors, hotshot comic illustrators, and…me. And then we’re back to the day job as if none of it happened. So, I’m not even gonna try.

In another two weeks Kirby Krackle is headed south to perform at the Disney D23 Fan Expo. We’re playing four sets over the weekend and are dialing in our set to focus on Disney/Marvel/Star Wars topics. This the strangest ride.

July 5, 2017