Autumn update

We’ve put all of Explone’s Telescope & Satellite EP up as a YouTube playlist, so feel free to check it out with no obligation. Although we’ll be more than happy to take your money! iTunes and Amazon are hot these days, so I hear. Our CD release show at the Sunset Tavern here in Seattle was pretty fantastic and I wish we’d gotten a recording off the board.

Meanwhile, Kirby Krackle is going into album-writing mode for the remainder of the year, and Kin to Stars is spinning back up after having most of September off. We’re trying to finish off a new Bandcamp single while gearing up for a special live show in December. More on that soon.

They’re saying the sad-rains are returning to Seattle this weekend, bringing to an end one of the driest, precipitation-free summers we’ve seen in a long time. I’m personally looking forward to some serious cozy-pants videogame time this season.

October 11, 2012