Gig report: Kirby Krackle at the Showbox

Hey, here’s a grainy video of me playing bass with Kirby Krackle last Saturday at the Showbox:

Huh, I’m not jumping around nearly as much as I remember. That’s probably because 1) this was the last song, 2) I had just lugged my rig through high-80s degree heat, and 3) that bass weighs ten pounds more than most. Anyhoo, we had a really great turnout, which is a testament to Kyle’s prowess as über-promoter and growing popularity with the geekcore crowd.

Here’s a photo from behind the mike, during soundcheck:

View from the Showbox stage

And here’s a forest of bass rigs all backlined up (there were two other acts that night):

Bass rig forest

Optimus Prime, protector of D.I. boxes:

Optimus Bass

July 21, 2009