CD release + caucusing + Trabant gig report

Me at the TrabantIt’s been a big weekend!

The first copies of Save You From Yourself went on sale to the Demo Club on Friday night and were sold out before the next morning. Normally I’d be all “yay!” but actually I’m a bit embarrassed since I totally underestimated the demand and now there’s an order backlog. More CDs are on the way, and the discount and bonus items will be available through Februrary, so nobody will miss their chance. But still, ack, sorry about that.

On Saturday I attended my first Democratic caucus ever. I don’t know if you heard, but the Washington state caucuses were off the hook this year. The WA Dem primary isn’t determined by ballot but by the number of delegates each candidate earns during the caucuses. So if you wanted your vote to count this year, you had to caucus.

With no clear Dem frontrunner following Super Tuesday, Washington’s primary suddenly became really, really important. 3000 people were turned away from Barack Obama’s appearance at Key Arena due to overcrowding. Our little precinct in south Seattle saw a turnout of several hundred people, so much so that I think the organizers were overwhelmed. Jim described his precinct’s caucus in north Seattle as a “madhouse.” Crazy representative government all up in here.

Caucusing was cool except for the part where we stood around for an hour waiting for things to get started.

Then that same night, Jim and I performed an extra-long set at the Trabant in the U District. They’re recently remodeled so there’s a brand-new upstairs lounge area overlooking the stage below, and new wall-mounted PA speakers meant we didn’t have to block tables with the huge speaker cabinets they used to have. Overall, the sound is much improved.

There are a few songs from Save You From Yourself that I’m not entirely comfortable playing live yet. “Not The One” is the hardest because I always get the lyrics backwards. Gotta work on that. But I also did a whole mini-set in DADGAD tuning, which I rarely do because I really hate re-tuning during a live set.

Anyway, taking it easy today.

February 10, 2008